My father, Walter Buhler (1936-2019), was an artist and a teacher. His studio was at home, so that I was aware of him painting as long as I can remember. Dad did his painting out in his garage-studio and when he was busy there we children did not get to disturb him! I was very curious and fortunately he took the time to expose me to many fascinating materials and techniques for drawing and painting: charcoal, watercolors, acrylics, pastels as well as linoleum blocks and other printmaking tools. There was always a fun & creative project at home! As a family we visited a lot of museums and galleries – while on vacation and also locally. It is no surprise that I became an «Art Nerd» in high school and chose to study art and design.

During all these years, Dad painted images of places we had travelled to, of scenes in our home town, of nearby natural wonders, of gardens and of the seaside. He exhibited regularly and created a body of work containing almost 400 paintings as well as many prints.

A few years ago I had his collection of slides scanned and copied out the entries from his ledgers – he kept good notes and photographed all works before showing. With this information I was able to create a website portfolio of his artwork from 1965 to 2006. Many of the slides were in poor condition after decades of storage and a few images were missing, so we hope that family, friends, and others who own the paintings might help «fill in the blanks». So far I have received a few lost images!

Needless to say, my father was delighted to see all of his work in one place and I was very happy to have completed the project, which took more than two years of preparation (slowly but surely ….. ). These images are the story of our lives: our travels, our homes, our neighborhoods, the places we visited and that he loved.

Have a look!