Work and pleasure got intertwined when I began using my graphic skills for boat projects. This started with the lettering for our own wooden boat, on the transom of our Lacustre «Porzana». I first believed that we should «do it right» (i.e. «do it complicated») with stenciled painted lettering. That wasn’t easy! And every time we touched up the hull we would need to sand everything down and start again. So then I resorted to typecut lettering, which was a much easier solution.

My experience in signage helped tremendously – I knew how to create the visualisations, how and where to order the lettering, and I had been present at enough installations to know how to prepare and to mount.

When my husband and his colleagues built a wooden motorboat for their sailing club I documented and photographed the process, creating updates in newsletter form. If you would like to build a tender in your cellar, here are some tips…

It was clear that the boat’s name would be part of the «Asterix» world (as with all the other club boats) and so I adapted the club standard to include Asterix› wings. Later we adapted the signage/lettering for all other club boats in a similar style, which was a huge logistical enterprise.

I created yearbooks for the Lacustre sailing association from 2013 to 2018 and in doing so became very involved with the marketing and communication for this group. This led to all sorts of projects, including the website (a huge project that essentially taught me how to build websites.)

And for our current ongoing project,, we’ve built a website and are continually documenting our boatbuilding activities.
Warning: this is a work-in-progress!