About Stacy Müller

Since some of you know me from my «Art Direction» days, and others know me from «Gold Mountain Qigong» groups/classes and since some of you might not know me at all …. I’ve tried to answer all sorts of possible questions below. Und falls man Texte und Infos auf Deutsch sucht, dann empfehle ich die Beiträge auf der Seite Gold Mountain Qigong.

Who is Stacy Müller and what is "Gold Mountain"?
Stacy Müller is a tai chi and qigong teacher who was born in California and now lives and works in Switzerland. «Gold Mountain» is a chinese term for California and is the name that Stacy chose for her qigong business identity.
Is Stacy Müller a Californian or a Swiss?
Stacy Müller grew up in Palo Alto, California and studied graphic design at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. She is a descendant of a Swiss emigrant and obtained her Swiss passport the 1970s. But most of her adult life has been spent living and working in Zurich – where she raised her children and where she ran her own design business for 23 years. Her American friends think she’s Swiss and her Swiss friends think she’s American.
Why is this website in English?
I’ve written in both languages on this website. Most personal information is in English (my mother tongue) but the Tai Ji and Qi Gong information is in German. This is because I teach group lessons in German and also so that my patients and group participants can reference this information.

My German is far from perfect and I am deeply thankful to those who took the time to make many, many corrections … and I apologize in advance for the «messy» style. German is not my mother tongue!!!

I also have chosen to keep my language as simple as possible: I am a movement therapist so I will gladly speak in detail about the quality of movement, but I will not be giving you the detailed anatomical explanations you might expect from your doctor or your physical therapist.

And although I mention certain Chinese acupuncture point names and Tai Ji principles, I have tried to include translations or explanations. Instead of keeping the «magic» of Chinese medicine shrouded behind esoteric phrases, I prefer to explain the energy concepts as simply as possible.

Is Stacy Müller a tai ji therapist or a graphic designer?

Both! She was trained as a graphic designer and worked in various advertising agencies as an art director from 1986 to 1994. Thereafter, she started her own small business and worked directly with clients for 23 years. In 1996 she started learning Tai Ji and has continued with this “hobby” since then. When health issues forced a decision on continuing her design work, she intensified her martial arts and qigong studies and got teachers certificates for both areas. For a while, she was juggling movement classes in many locations in the Zurich area and design work at home. In 2017 she was hired as a Tai Ji therapist in a rehab clinic to work with patients suffering from chronic pain as well as other serious health issues. Since then, she has stopped doing professional design work. So you could say that she has made her hobby into her profession and her profession into her hobby.

Didn't she have a stroke or something? What happened?

In 2006 she had a stroke. This was unexpected — she was 43 years old and otherwise healthy. Nonetheless, this event landed her in the hospital, then in rehab, and later in a clinic to treat the post-stroke depression – six months away from home and family! In the years thereafter, she slowly resumed her design work, albeit for chosen clients with looser time schedules. It was during this time that she intensified her tai ji and qigong teacher training and practice.

But there’s more – She also suffered a herniated disk (L 4/5) at the age of 40 and it took two years for the pain to become manageable. She was able to reduce the residual, persistent pain by increasing her movement (an hour of walking daily and swimming twice a week). She promised herself that if she could learn to walk without a limp again then that she would hike over the Gotthard Pass. After doing so, she was inspired to continue solo hiking in the alps.

Hat Trick! – in December 2020 Stacy had Covid. Upon returning to work, she suffered from fatigue, a racing pulse, dizziness, high blood pressure and other worrisome symptoms. It took almost 2 months to feel «normal» again. During this recovery period, she noticed that she often felt better on the days that she had to work (doing gentle movement). She’s convinced that the soft activity of Qigong (as well as the intensive breathwork that occurs while practicing) has helped her through this difficult episode and that this sort of gentle movement is a viable method for increasing energy without overtaxing one’s system.

What happened to "Art Direction"?
Stacy Müller’s small business «Art Direction Stacy Müller» was started in 2004 and  officially closed at the end of 2017 – 23 years of exciting design work for interesting clients and with amazing collaborators.

She does still own the domain and will happily sell it to the highest bidder 🙂

So what is she doing now?

Stacy Müller is working at the Rehaclinic Bad Zurzach (renamed ZurzachCare in 2021). She loves this challenge, as well as the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary team. And she gets to practice Tai Ji and Qigong ALL DAY! Although many believe that you can’t go back to “normal employment” after having your own business — S.M. disagrees. She can now concentrate on her work without being burdened by client acquisition, marketing and other administrative tasks.

What does she like to do in her spare time?

She loves to sail and to stand-up-paddle on the lake of Zurich. She also loves to create things (the design bug!) and has been doing so in the form of creating websites for herself, friends and family. This is one example. She has also built a site for the sailing association that she is active in (lacustre.org), one for her father, who is a painter (wbuhler.com) and is currently constructing one which documents her husband’s boatbuilding project (emma-sailing.ch). She also loves hiking and would love to compile a website with her favorite hikes as well as tips for solo woman hikers. (still a work in progress, but the domain is reserved: wanderpost.ch)

Does she still teach tai ji and qigong classes in Zürich?
She closed down most of her classes by the end of 2017 but still takes part in one Tai Ji group in Zurich. In the Spring of 2020 she will hand over the coaching responsibilities to a colleague. Her 50% engagement at the Rehaclinic is physically strenuous and therfore she truly appreciates the opportunity to recuperate on her days off.
Is she really hiking and biking around the periphery of Switzerland?
Bit by bit … although the project has lulled since she began working at the Rehaclinic. The next stretch to conquer is the Jura High Trail, which she is hoping to accomplish in smaller sections during 2020. Thereafter she will find a way over Lake Geneva (sailing? SUP? Jet pack?) and then back into the mountains to connect with the Puschlav and back to the Lower Engadine, where the «circular» route will be complete.
Who (or what) is "Emma"?
Stacy and her husband have bought a historic replica of a 1884 schooner and are creating their “floating holiday home”. This has led to a number of smaller boatbuilding projects (everything that we can do in Zurich i.e. at home, we do …) and the documentation of these projects can be seen on the website Emma-Sailing (yet another «work in progess», but you can have a look at https://emma-sailing.ch/).

Are we going to leave everything behind and sail around the world? Not so soon! I’m pretty sure that the boatbuilding projects will be keeping us busy for a few more years.

Do you have more questions?
Well then, please contact me.